Detective- Solving the Mystery


Name of Activity

Detective- Solving the Mystery


Kirsten Jorgensen and Hannah Garfield


detective, engineers, solve, mystery



Grade Level

4, 5


1 Hour Total

Brief Description

Solving the mystery (~30 minutes)Did this is the second half of the 2nd mechanical engineering project day

Lesson Objectives:

determine who committed the crimeoverview of the different types of engineering

Materials Needed:

posters with mug shots and descriptions of suspects

Preparation and Set Up:

make posters of suspects with mug shots and descriptionsExample: Bill Ding; Hometown: Burlington, VT; Age: 25; Occupation: Structural Engineer with concentration in buildings;


Use whatever time needed to finish and present rube goldberg devices present posters and talk about what skills each suspect has that could be helpful for them to commit this crime and what experience do each of them not have. Discuss and blind vote on which of the 4 different suspects (mech, envior, civil, electrical) they think did it THEY ALL DID IT–engineers work together to accomplish goals and most projects require people from different disciplines with different experience to complete them Talk about final project at the end of class.

Previous Activity (if applicable)

Detective: Mechanical Engineering

Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable)

Detective Engineer: Intro to Different Types of Engineering

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