Name of Activity Scratch Challenges!
Author Emily Taintor
Keywords Scratch, programming, challenges, glide, walk, pattern, draw, pen, costume, 2nd grade, 1 hour
Subject Non-LEGO
Grade Level 2
Time 1 Hour Total
Brief Description Students will complete a series of challenges with help from STOMPers and conclude the lesson with an open-ended challenge.
Lesson Objectives: – Familiarize students with programming
– Introduce logic in programming (if, if-else, etc.)
– Familiarize students with the Scratch program in general and get them comfortable with exploring the less obvious features of the program
Materials Needed: – One laptop per pair of students
– Scratch on every laptop
– Projector (preferably
– Attached worksheet
Preparation and Set Up: Get Scratch running on all the computers, set up one computer on the projector so that you can go over the potential ways to complete the challenges as a class.
Necessary Background Limited programming experience necessary. Familiarity with Scratch is necessary to explain the process to the children.
Procedure – Distribute worksheets to children – Have them work on the challenge worksheet challenge by challenge and go over responses as you go – Synthesize student answers into final program on the projector screen for students who didn’t get it independently
Reference 1 Scratch Programming Challenges
Challenges 1-3 Sample Programs  Challenge1 Challenge2 Challenge3
Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable) Scratch Programming
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