Sochi 2014 – Figure Skating





Name of Activity

Sochi 2014 – Figure Skating


STOMP Minigroups


Robotics, NXT, Olympics, Sochi, ice skating, figure skating, movement



Grade Level

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


1 Hour Total

Brief Description

Students will program a pre-made car to move around on a “rink” like a figure skater.

Lesson Objectives:

– Explore the movement options on MINDSTORMS

– Familiarize students with programming on pre-made cars

Materials Needed:

NXT kits (premade cars)


Material for a rink

Optional: different colored paper for conditional programming, tape to outline a rink

Preparation and Set Up:

Make NXT cars beforehand.

Set up a rink, distribute kits and cars.

Necessary Background

NXT Programming (including sensors)

Building with LEGOs


– Distribute materials – Depending on the age group, introduce programming and the theme of the lesson (Olympics, Sochi, Figure Skating) to get the kids excited – Depending on the age group, decide which extensions and modifications you need in place to be at the appropriate level for the students – Have the students make their robot “figure skate” using MINDSTORMS and make their routine fit into whichever requirements you give them (e.g. +1 point for a 360, car must do a 180 every time it drives over a red block, -1 every time the car moves off the rink)


Depending on the age group, introduce restrictions and point incentives as described above.

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