City Buildings





Name of Activity

City Buildings


Laura Fradin


civil engineering, non-NXT, non-lego, 5th grade, aguayo



Grade Level



1 Hour Total

Brief Description

Students will construct buildings that belong in a city using a variety of different materials.

Lesson Objectives:

-reinforce the engineering design process

-understand what civil engineers do

Materials Needed:




-popsicle sticks


-egg cartons

-legos (if a younger group of kids)

-any other materials that might challenge kids to build a structure

Preparation and Set Up:

-arrange students in pairs

-brainstorm various types of buildings needed in a city

-show students examples of non-traditional architecture and encourage them to think outside the box of normal rectangular structures.


  1. As a class,  brainstorm building/places in a city that a civil engineer may have to design and build. Examples include: hospital, school, museum, police department, apartment building, houses, playgrounds/parks, airport, cafe/restaurants, church, bank, bridge, bookstore, etc.
  2. Arrange students in pairs and allow each group to chose ONE of the buildings/structures they want to build.
  3. Groups will first PLAN AND DRAW what they want their building to look like and what it will be made out of. Have students show their STOMP teacher the design before getting materials.
  4. Let students build. If they finish early, have them decorate it.
  5. Present.


To make the challenge more difficult, limit students to only using one material to build.

Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable)

Intro to Engineering-Let’s Build a City!

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