Birds and Their Habitats





Name of Activity

Birds and Their Habitats


Emma Coltoff, Pami Anderson


animal, adaptations, habitat, birds, climate



Grade Level

4, 5


1 Hour Total

Brief Description

Students are assigned a habitat and must sketch a bird with physical traits that are essential to surviving in that habitat.

Lesson Objectives:

identifying birds for certain habitats, emphasizing observed characteristics of animals that are fully inherited and characteristics that are affected by the climate or environment

Materials Needed:

Worksheet and writing utensils

Preparation and Set Up:

Assign habitats to groups/pairs within the class. Give background on the habitats.


  1. Introduce the six habitats:
    1. Wetlands
    2. Arctic
    3. Desert
    4. Rainforest
    5. Aquatic
    6. Grasslands

  • Assign each of the habitats to a group of students.
  • Help the students to sketch a bird and label the characteristics of the bird that are essential to its survival in that particular habitat.
  • Modifications:

    * Add more habitats

    * Have students label which traits are inherited and which are adapted

    Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable)

    Animal Adaptations

    Reference 1

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