Materials Testing





Name of Activity

Materials Testing


Alana Lustenberger


materials, properties, building, sturdy, 4th grade, columbus, dipersio



Grade Level

4, 5, 6


1 Hour Total

Brief Description

This activity involves having students explore the properties of different materials so that they are familiar with them when they choose their materials for a future project.

Lesson Objectives:

This activity can be used to prime the class for a long design project where the students will be responsible for selecting the materials they would like to use. It teaches them about the different properties of materials and helps them to understand that different materials are wanted/needed for different applications

Materials Needed:

The materials we used were foam, paperclips, cotton balls, rubber bands, straws, and a worksheet.

Preparation and Set Up:

You can distribute the materials beforehand into separate bags, or just gather them from the center. Also make copies of the worksheet.


1. Explain that all materials have different properties and that in this activity, the students will be exploring these. Make sure to mention that they will have to use what they learn today to pick the materials they will be using for future activities. 2. Pass out worksheets (or show it on the projector). Explain how each test is done and also talk about the ranking system. We did if the material stretches the most, give it a 6. If it stretches the least, give it a 1, and then order the rest corresponding to how stretchy they are within the 1 through 6 range. 3. Put the students in groups and pass out the materials. Make sure you stress teamwork and that both partners should be writing and doing the tests. 4. Bring the class together at the end and have students tell which materials were the stretchiest, heaviest, ect.

Reference 1

Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable)

This was used for the service learning curriculum

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