Hurricane Defense

Name of Activity

Hurricane Damage Prevention


Emma Coltoff, Rebecca Larson


natural disasters, non-lego


Building/EDP, Earth Science

Grade Level

4, 5


1 Hour Total

Brief Description

A continuation of the natural disasters unit in which students hurricane-proof their towns.

Lesson Objectives:

To challenge students to explore methods of designing their structures to withstand hurricanes.

Materials Needed:


*masking tape

*any materials deemed necessary for adding to the students’ towns

Preparation and Set Up:

Establish a testing location for the students where they can place their town in front of a fan (and have space to tape it down.)

Knowledge Background

Basic hurricane facts


1) Have the students build/fix their towns from the previous activity 2) Challenge them to build structures that will withstand high winds 3) Add in extra challenges of mini-figures, trees, telephone poles, etc. 4) When they are ready to test, have them place their towns in front of the fan and talk about what happens to the town as the fan blows on it 5) Go through all fan speeds

Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable)

Natural Disasters

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