IEL for Paul Bunyan

Name of Activity

Paul Bunyan




IEL, Engineering Literacy, Building, Crafts



Grade Level

2, 3, 4


2-3 Hours Total

Brief Description

Class reads Paul Bunyan in class. STOMP discusses the engineering concepts in the book. Focus was brought to the challenge of transportation, identifying ways to overcome these challenges. In the first week, students discussed and designed new bunk houses for Paul and his lumberfriends that could travel great distances as well as comfortably house many people. Emphasis on limited resources. The next week, students built their designs and presented to the class.

Lesson Objectives:

Identify issues in current models, find ways to improve the model, and work with limited resources.

Materials Needed:

Pre-made lego bases with wheels, craft materials (q-tips, pipe cleaners, paper, and straws).

Preparation and Set Up:


– Make lego bases (various designs)

– Make equal bundles of supplies for each group

– Groups of 3

– Distribute supplies

Knowledge Background

1. Read Paul Bunyan 2. Identify issues with Bunk Houses 3. Find ways to solve these issues 4. Design better bunk houses 5. Think about materials 6. Build improved bunk houses 7. Present bunk houses to class


Please see above.

Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable)


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