Navigation with Cardinal Directions

Name of Activity

Navigation with Cardinal Directions


Ross Kamen and Grace Reilly


navigation, direction, #upandatem,


Earth Science

Grade Level

3, 4, 5


1 Hour

Brief Description

Students navigated through the library, using the cardinal directions, to find materials needed for life on a desert island.

Learning Goals:

Students learn cardinal directions, problem solving skills.





There is a lot of preparation.

We needed to visit the library prior to the lesson to pick hiding spots for our objects and then calculate the paces between each. While in the library a direction for North must be assigned.

Each item then needs directions to the next item on it so students always have directions to follow

Knowledge Background

Cardinal Directions -> North, South, East, West



1. Have library, or space being used, set up before hand with items in spots.

2. Give each student or pair of students an item and starting location

3. Students then travel using their directions to the next item and continue until all items are collected

Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable)

Stuck on a Desert Island

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