Act Out Electricity!
Adaptations Box
Alternative Energy with Snap Circuits
Amusement Park Ride (EV3)
Animal Body Parts & Behaviors
Animal Mimicry (with LEGO)


Backyard Animal Adaptations
Battle Bots
Bicycle Unit: Engineering the Wheel
Bicycle Unit: Materials Testing
Bicycle Unit: Monster Bikes
Birds and Their Habitats
Boat Building
Build an App
Build a Sturdy Vehicle
Build a Sturdy Wall
Build a Tower
Build a Sundial
Building a Mini Golf Course
Building Strong Shapes


Chair for Mr. Bear
Capturing the Wind: Building a LEGO Anemometer
City Buildings
Challenge Day!
Challenge Swap
Chemical and Physical Change
Chemical Reactions
Chemical and Physical Changes
Class Circuit Acting
Climate Change
Communication Towers
Cracking the Crust


Designing a Parachute
Detective- Civil Engineering
Detective- Electrical Engineering
Detective- Environmental Engineering
Detective- Mechanical Engineering
Detective- Solving the Mystery
Different Beaks
Digital Measuring Wheel
Dinosaur Tail
Drought Engineering


Earthquake Boxes
Egg Helmet
Electricity and Magnetism Challenge
Electromagnetism Superheros
Engineering and Conservation
Everyday Materials Backscratcher


Filtration Project
Find the Hidden Letter
Flood & Landslide Defense
Follow the Hand
Fraction Carnival
Frankenstein’s Robot
Freeze Dance


Game Show Buzzer
Gait Analysis
Grab Bag Magnetism Investigation


Habitats and Adaptations
Hand Mixer
Hover Crafts
Hurricane Defense
Hydrogen Power


IEL for “Living in Colonial Times”
IEL for “Paul Bunyan”
Inclined Planes
Insulating Materials
Introduction to Ecosystems
Introduction to Engineering
Introduction to Magnetism
Introduction to Motors
Introduction to Scratch
Introduction to Sensors
Introduction to Simple Machines
Introduction to Static Electricity
Introduction to Static Electricity with Balloons
Invertebrate Movement and Jet Propulsion


Journey to Earth’s Core


LEGO House
LEGO Planet Rotation Structures
LEGO Sailboats
Levees and Erosion
Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel
Light Symphony
Light-up Greeting Cards
Lincoln LEGO Land
Line Follower
Little Johnny and his Pet Cow
Living in a Material World
Lunar Rover Mini Design Project


Making Ice Cream
Making Lightning
Making Weather Instruments
Material Properties Scavenger Hunt
Maze Competition
Measurements and Scale Drawings
Measuring Volume
Mini City
Mini Turbines
Mountain Rescue
Mousetrap Building, Testing, and Redesigning
Mousetrap Problem
Moving Through the Mantle
Music Box


Navigation with Cardinal Directions
New Test Activity
NXT Alarm
NXT Bluetooth Remote Control
NXT Calculator
NXT Elevator
NXT Musical Instrument
NXT Segway
NXT Trolly


Ohm’s Law and Series Circuits
Orbits of the Earth, Moon, and Sun


Paper Airplanes
Paper Bridges
Paper Chromatography
Paper Towers
Peak Performance
Perfect Puppy
Pet Training Activity
Prosthetic Leg
Popsicle Stick Bridges
Pulley Wall


Ramp Cars: Wheel and Axle
Rat Race
Red Light, Green Light
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Relay Race
Retrieving the Core
Rock Types
Rube Goldberg Machine
Rube Goldberg Machines (as a Final Project)


Same End, Two Ways of Getting There
Save Mr. Bob
Say Hello (revised)
Scavenger Hunt
Scratch Challenges!
Shadow Lanterns
Silly Putty
Silly Walks
Simple Machines MiniGolf Course
Simple Machine Summary
Simple Machines Crane
Simple Pulleys
Smiley Genetic Engineering
Snail Car
Snap Circuits
Snap Circuits and Conductivity
Snow! Snow! Snow!
Sochi 2014 – Figure Skating
Solar Power
Solar System Rotation and Revolution
Solar System – ROVing Away
Sorting Materials
Spaghetti Towers
Speed Fans
Spin Art, Version I
Spin Art, Version II
Squishy Circuits
Squishy Circuits and Circuit Diagrams
Squishy Circuits, Conductors, and Insulators
Super Sparker Static Electricity


Text Message
Things That Go Bump
Think Like a Robot
Three Little Pigs House Building
Three Little Pigs IEL
TinkerCAD Nametags
Tiny Homes
Tiny Homes: Circuilt Building I
Tiny Homes: Circuit Building II
Tiny Homes: Environmental Conditions and Structural Stability
Tiny Homes: House Insulation
Tiny Homes: Planning and Building
Tiny Homes: Renewable Energy & Circuit Design
Tiny Homes: Sorting Materials
Tow Truck
Transportation Design


Volcano Defense
Voting Machine


Wall Follower
WeDo Cars
Whale Adaptations: Creature of the Sea
Wheel and Axle Lesson
Wind Power
Wire Maze Challenge

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