Semester Unit School Teacher Grade
2015 – Fall Redesigning for Emergency Acera School Semine 2nd & 3rd
2015 – Fall Tiny Homes and Energy Resources Dr. Albert F. Argenziano  School Salazar 5th
2015 – Fall Secret Agent Electricity Dr. Albert F. Argenziano  School Murphy 5th
2015 – Fall Simple Machines Dr. Albert F. Argenziano  School Murphy 5th
2015 – Fall Engineering for Everyday Life Arthur D. Healey School Bassett 3rd
2015 – Fall Engineering to Help Refugees Arthur D. Healey School Garton 4th
2015 – Fall Robotics and the Environment International School of Boston Bolzan, Mayer 6th – 8th
2015 – Fall Detective Engineer Josiah Quincy School Lydon 5th
2015 – Fall IEL: Types of Engineering Josiah Quincy School Chan 5th
2015 – Fall An Amusement Park Adventure Josiah Quincy School Ho, Fong 4th & 5th
2015 – Fall Trip to Mars  Josiah Quincy School Keefe 5th
2015 – Fall STOMP Island Josiah Quincy School Aguayo 5th
2015 – Fall Stuck on a Desert Island Linden STEAM Academy Carbone 4th
2015 – Fall IEL: Bridge to Terabithia Linden STEAM Academy Leisk 4th
2015 – Fall Intro to Electricity, Magnetism, and Weather Linden STEAM Academy McDonough 3rd
2015 – Fall Forces and Simple Machines Linden STEAM Academy Coye, Wickwire 3rd
2015 – Fall Reaching for the Stars Saint Joseph School  Whitney  4th
2015 – Fall Intro to Engineering: Response to Natural Disasters Saint Joseph School  Fiore  6th
2015 – Fall Building Sustainable Houses Vinson-Owen Elementary School  Pappas  5th

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