STOMP Certified Units

Activity Grade Time Keywords
Act Out Electricity  4-8  0h30  circuit, electricity, resistors, current, switches, battery, electrons, charge, introduction to electricity
Archimedean Screws  4-8  1h00  simple machines, screws, archimedes
Bicycle Materials Testing  K-5  1h00  material choices, strengths, weaknesses, materials, static load, dynamic load, friction, physical properties, chemical properties, mechanical properties, elasticity, yield strength, ultimate strength
Boat Building  K-5  1h00  surface area, buoyancy, boats, aluminum foil boats, air resistance, density
Bridge Building  K-8  1h00   civil engineering, sturdy structures, forces
Build a Crane  3-8  2h00   cranes, simple machines, pulley, lever, wheel and axle
Build a Rocket  K-5  1h00  aerospace engineering, aerodynamics, rockets
Chair for Mr. Bear  K-5  1h00   lego, EDP, user-centered design
Chemical Reactions and Physical Changes  5-8  1h00 chemistry, chemical engineering, chemical reactions, physical change, matter, phases of matter
Build a City  3-6  1h00  civil engineering, sturdy structures
Disaster-Proof Buildings  3-8 1h00  natural disasters, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, sturdy structures, civil engineering
Designing a Marionette  5-8 1h00  marionette, design, birds, engineering design process, iterative
Dog Wheelchairs  4-8  1h00   biomedical engineering, prosthetics, pharmaceuticals, user-centered design
Digital Fabrication: Puzzle Making  5-8  1h30   digital fabrication, digital design, tesselation, polygons, puzzles
Egg Drop  K-6  1h00  engineering design process, constraints
Electricity and Magnetism Challenges  4-8  1h00  circuits, electromagnets, magnetism, electricity, static electricity
Engineering a Kaleidoscope  3-8  1h00  kaleidoscope, engineering, angles, reflection
Engineering Drought Solutions  5-8  4h00  civil engineering, drought, irrigation system, drawbridge, pulleys, well, water conservation
Engineering and Conservation  3-5  1h00 civil engineering, sturdy structures, resources, conservation, renewable, non-renewable, environmental engineering
Exploring Conductivity  3-6  1h00  circuits, conductivity, electricity
Flamingo Leg Brace  3-8  1h00  flamingo, leg brace, biomedical engineering, comfort, waterproof, prosthetics, wheelchairs
Flubber  K-8  1h00 chemical engineering, chemical reaction, products, reactants, atoms, elements
Gear Ratios: Cars  5-8  1h00  gears, gear ratios, NXT robotics, cars, torque, speed
Gear Ratios: Tug-o-War  5-8  2h00 gears, gear ratios, NXT robotics, cars, torque, speed
Genetic Engineering Smiley Faces  3-8  1h00  genetics, dominant allele, recessive allele, traits, genotype, phenotype, heterogeneous, homogenous
Goop  3-8  1h00 matter, states of matter, viscosity, chemical engineering, newtonian fluids
Grid Coding  K-12  1h00 grid coding, coding, computer programming, computer science, shortest path
Habitats and Adaptations  4-6  1h00 adaptations, habitats, environmental engineering, biology, bioengineering, animals
Human Robot  3-7  1h00 introduction to programming, loops, program, instructions, coding, code
Inclined Planes  3-6  1h00 inclined planes, ramps, lego, simple machines, found materials
Introduction to Gears  3-8  1h00 gears, gear ratios, driver gear, follower gear, gear train, simple machines, torque, rotation
Introduction to Magnetism  3-6  0h30 magnetism, poles, repulsion, attraction, magnetic fields
Introduction to Scratch  3-9  1h00 Scratch animation, scratch, programming
Introduction to Simple Machines  3-6  2h00 simple machines, levers, pulleys, gears, wheel and axle, inclined plane, screw
Levers and Catapults  3-8  2h00 lego, simple machines, levers, catapults
Make an Electromagnet  4-8  0h30 electromagnetism, magnetism, electricity, magnetic fields, circuits
Paper Airplanes  3-5  1h00 aerodynamics, lift, drag, thrust, gravity, airplanes
Paper Towers  K-5  1h00 civil engineering, towers, constraints, Engineering Design Process, sturdy structures, strong shapes
Parachutes  3-8  1h00 aerodynamics, aerospace/aeronautical engineering, air resistance, surface area, parachutes, EDP
Proesthtic Leg  3-9  2h00 prosthetic,biomedical engineering, user-centered design, range of motion
Pulleys  3-6  1h00  pulleys, simple machines
Rube Goldberg Machines  5-8  4h00 NXT robotics, simple machines, levers, wheel and axle, pulleys, gears, inclined plane, mindstorms programming, rube goldberg machine
Silly Walks  4-9  1h00 NXT robotics, on-brick programming, basic programming
Snap Circuits (Basic & Alternative Energy)  4-8  1h00 electricity, circuits, electrons, electron flow, resistors, batteries, switches, snap circuits, parallel circuit, series circuit, alternative energy
Squishy Circuits  2-5  1h00 electricity, electrons, electron flow, batteries, circuits, electricity
Static Electricity Exploration  3-6  1h00  static electricity, protons, electrons, friction
Sturdy Structures: Build a Gold Course  4-9+  2h00 – 3h00 sturdy structures, civil engineering, strong shapes, bracing, axle, bushing, pegs
Sturdy Structures: Build a Tower  K-3  1h00 sturdy structures, civil engineering, strong shapes, bracing, axle, bushing, pegs
Sturdy Structures: Build a Vehicle  K-3  1h00 sturdy structures, civil engineering, strong shapes, bracing, axle, bushing, pegs
Sturdy Structures: Introduction to Sturdy Shapes  K-3  1h00 sturdy structures, civil engineering, strong shapes, bracing, axle, bushing, pegs
Sturdy Structures: Spaghetti Tower  K-3  0h30 sturdy structures, civil engineering, strong shapes, bracing, axle, bushing, pegs
 Teamwork and Communication Tower  K-9+  1h00 towers, communication, teamwork
 TinkerCAD Nametags  5-9+  4h00 Tinkercad, 3D, modeling, laser cutting, 3D printing
 User-Centered Design: Monster Vehicles  K-5  1h00 user-centered design, human factors engineering, prototyping
 Water Filters  5-8  1h00 filter, environmental engineering, clean water
 Wheel and Axle  K-5  1h00 wheel and axle, simple machines, potential energy, kinetic energy, inclined planes
 Wind-Powered Car  K-5  1h00 wind power, engineering design process, legos, sail, alternative energy

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