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Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO)

The group is a leader in supporting efforts to integrate engineering into K-12 education. The Center is always buzzing with activity on a daily basis, with undergraduate students developing and testing innovative educational technologies and members facilitating engineering workshops.

Website has information on all the outreach, research, product development, and workshops at the center.

LEGO Engineering

LEGO Engineering is developed by the Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO), with the support of LEGO Education. The goal of LEGO Engineering is to inspire and support teachers in bringing LEGO-based engineering to all students.

Website includes information on using LEGO as a tool to teach STEM and a database of activities accompanied with photos.

Hue Animation

SAM Animation is now called HUE Animation. It is software that teachers and students (grades K-12) can use to create stop-motion animations. It was developed purposely for teachers and students by researchers at Tufts University. A simplified version is available for free; a full-featured version is sold by Boston-based iCreate To Educate.

Website includes a free download of the software, sample projects, and tips on using this software.

Teach Engineering

In 2003, the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded the creation of the TeachEngineering digital library for educators to teach engineering in K-12 settings. University engineering faculty, graduate students and K-12 teachers across the nation developed and classroom tested the TeachEngineering curricular materials, which showcase engineering in everyday life as the context for student learning. The classroom-tested curricula are aligned with state and/or national science, mathematics and technology educational standards, and use engineering as the vehicle to integrate science and mathematics concepts for K-12 students.

Website contains a database of engineering curricular units, lessons, and activities.


eGFI is brought to you by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). They are committed to promoting and enhancing efforts to improve K-12 STEM and engineering education. From the interactive website to the colorful and inspiring print and digital magazine, there is something for everyone–students, K-12 teachers and informal educators, parents and guardians, and anyone else with an interest in engineering.

Website contains a database of activities and lesson ideas.


This is a hub spot of free STEM (STEAM) lesson plans and citizen science projects for elementary and middle School. KitHub’s mission is to design and curate the best hands-on STEAM education and environmental monitoring programs for kids and educators to learn about science and technology in order to solve real-world problems.

Website includes lesson plans and curriculum introduce students to STEAM (some paired with art for creative enhancement). Several lesson plans includes worksheets.

TryEngineering is a resource for students, their parents, their teachers and their school counselors. It offers a variety of lesson plans that apply engineering principles in the classroom. This portal is brought to you by engineers and educators, and is a collaboration of engineering associations, industry, and teacher/counselor organizations.

Website includes hundreds of full lesson plans, some of which are accompanied by student worksheets.

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