Name of Unit DIfferent Types of Engineering
Author(s) Karman Chu, Jyot Singh, Katherine McMurray, Melissa Moore
School Brooks School
Teacher Anna McCormick
Brief Description A unit to explore the different types of engineering, while also incorporating what the students are currently learning in the classroom. In addition, the lessons are formed around the storyline of the students traveling around the world and exploring different environments.
Grade(s) 5
Keywords Engineering, Ecosystems
Number of Weeks 8
Week 1 Engineering with Adaptation – Introduction to different animals and their adaptations to their environment. After introducing the different animals and the “disabilities” that they may have, the students are then split into groups of 4-5, and each member of the group has one of the disabilities. Together, each group must work together, and try to adapt in order to build a paper airplane. Students must successfully build the airplane so that they can travel to their destination.
Week 2 Mechanical Engineering – building chairs with newspaper
Week 3 Environmental Engineering – Constructing a water filter
Week 4 Biomedical/Mechanical Engineering –  Mother bird can not fly but must get eggs out of a tree. Develop a method for the mother to get her eggs down safely.
Week 5 Electrical Engineering – Introduction to circuits and electricity. Static charges
Week 6 Chemical Engineering

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