Name of Unit Electricity and Magnetism
Author(s) David Stack, Jessica Swenson, Rhiana Meade
School Argenziano
Teacher Mrs. Murphy
Brief Description The first half of the unit is designed to help kids understand the difference between electricity and magnetism as well as understand how circuits work. The second half of the unit is design based, intending to help the students solidify their knowledge and use it in creative ways.
Grade(s) 5th
Keywords Electricity, 5th Grade, Circuits, Magnetism, Grab Bag, Snap Circuits
Number of Weeks 10
Week 1 Get to know the Class: Build a Chair for Mr. Bear
Week 2 Grab Bag Magnetism Investigation
Week 3 Act Out Electricity!
Week 4 Circuit Challenges with Snap Circuits
Week 5 Grab Bag Conduction Investigation
Week 6 Parallel and Series with Snap Circuits
Week 7 Parallel and Series with Snap Circuits (cont.)

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