Name of Unit Engineering a “Green” City
Author(s) Kaitlyn Davis & Jorge Anton Garcia
School Vassal Lane Upper School
Teacher Laura Sylvan
Brief Description Students will learn about green building and sustainable infrastructure techniques as they build towards designing and creating a green city of their own.
Grade(s) 6-8
Keywords green, building, sustainability, non-LEGO, city, planning, design
Number of Weeks 10
Week 1 Introduction to Green Engineering Students will be introduced to the idea of “green engineering” and will discuss some possible reasons why and how we might want to design cities to be “green”. We will look at a real-world example (Masdar City) to show students that this is a very current issue.
Week 2 Sustainable Building Students will design and create their own green buildings. They will consider the use of sustainable materials, quantity of materials used, and best design of their building given the environment.
Week 3 Insulation Activity Students will use materials to insulate their homes created in the previous week and test the effectiveness using heat lamps, water, and thermometers.
Week 4 Wind Turbines Students will create wind turbines in various groups. Each group will be responsible for optimizing: the length of the blades, number of blades, and the angle of the blades.
Week 5 Wind Turbines continued
Week 6 Wind Turbines Students will use their wind turbines to power lights in their city or into homes built previously.
Week 7 Stormwater Students will discuss issues with stormwater and will be shown a demonstration of the uses for permeable pavement. They will brainstorm designs for permeable pavement that they could use in their cities and pitch their ideas to the class.
Week 8 Transportation Tentative activity related to planning a transportation system for their city.
Week 9 Transportation Tentative activity related to creating a vehicle powered by electricity.
Week 10 Final Presentation: Green City Students will put al of their project together into their final green city design and discuss how it differs from a traditional city, why it is better or worse, what they would work on if they had more time, etc.

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