Name of Unit Engineering Adventures
Author(s) Devyn Curley, Katrina Miaoulis
School Healey
Teacher Ms. Walton
Brief Description This unit will be types of engineering as a basic introduction to robotics. Starting with introducing concepts of structural engineering, followed by electricity and circuits, building up to robotics in the context of combining the two disciplines. There will be a final project that will encompass everything they have learned and challenge them to create something of their own.
Grade(s) 2nd
Keywords Adventure, types of engineering, 2nd grade, story, introduction to robotics
Number of Weeks 10
Week 1 Engineering design process explanation Monster’s Inc and Movie example
Week 2 Wizard of Oz themed Dorothy drop test
Week 3 Build a bridge
Week 4 Aluminum Boats
Week 5 Static electricity
Week 6 Human circuit+Snap Circuit
Week 7 Human robot+intro to programming
Week 8 We-Do activity
Week 9 Final Project, robotics
Week 10 Final Project

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