Name of Unit Intro to Engineering
Author(s) Rubin, Metersky, Bhatti, Okai
School St. Joseph’s
Teacher Liacos and Milito
Brief Description This unit will introduce the students to the basic concepts of different types of engineering.
Grade(s) 5,6,7
Keywords design process, chemical, environmental, civil, mechanical, electrical
Number of Weeks 8
Week 1 Egg Drop (Mechanical Engineering) – students will use various found materials to build secure structure to house their egg. They will learn concepts of impact, shock absorption, and aerodynamics.
Week 2 Squishy circuits (Electrical Engineering)
Week 3 Water filters (Environmental engineering)
Week 4 Gumdrop Bridge (Civil Engineering)
Week 5 Hover Craft (Aeronautical Engineering)
Week 6 Ice Cream Making (Chemical)
Week 7 Final Project TBD
Week 8 Final Project TBD

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