Name of Activity Introduction to Ecosystems
Author STOMP
Keywords ecosystem, forest, animals, science
Subject Non-LEGO
Grade Level 4
Time 1 Hour Total
Brief Description Introduce students to the concept of an ecosystem using the forest as an example.
Lesson Objectives: Have students understand the interconnectedness of an ecosystem, brainstorm animals within a system and discuss similarities and differences. Incorporate basic needs of all animals.
Materials Needed: Whiteboard
Procedure Discuss the concept of an ecosystem.

Brainstorm animals within the ecosystem.

Ex. Forest animals:


– bears

– wolves

– squirrels

– fox

– eagle

– beaver

– frog

– snake


– worms

– ants

– butterflies

– snails

– spiders

Assign student pair an animal – brainstorm what they need to survive (basic needs):

– types of food/drink, how much they eat, how often

– where do they live? how do they build this?

Have pairs discuss with different pairs the similarities and differences between their animals.

Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable) Basic Science (Animals + Matter)

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