Name of Unit Introduction to Programming
Author(s) Marc Bucchieri and Polly Murray
School Columbus School
Teacher Joseph Plati
Brief Description The students will be introduced to the basic idea of programming through a program called Scratch and apply concepts like loops and conditionals.
Grade(s) 4th grade
Keywords Programming, Scratch, Computers, Computer Science, Video Game
Number of Weeks 11
Week 1 Human Robot: An introduction to programming This lesson gives students an opportunity to think like a programmer, and practice writing specific sets of instructions. One STOMP fellow acts as a robot with a task to be accomplished. In pairs, students will write a “script” that directs the robot.

Week 2 Intro To Scratch Fundamental knowledge/ refresher: coordinate system (x,y), angles and degrees Scratch Lesson: Stepwise motion, direction changing Goal: program a sprite to move to all four corners of the window.
Week 3 User Input (keyboard commands, mouse movement, etc) Scratch lesson: types of user input, how to connect user commands with scratch actions Goal: Use arrow keys to move sprite to four corners, given an order.

Week 4 Conditional Statements Scratch Lesson: Introduction to “If-Then-Statements” Goal: Program Sprite to follow a series of conditional statements Advanced Goal: Program Sprite to follow an alternative action if “If-then-statement” is not met
Week 5 Sensing (ext. Cond) Scratch Lesson: Continue lesson on conditionals and introduce types of sensing sprite can experience Goal: Program sprite to take an action after “sensing” something, ex: if sprite hits the floor, sprite bounces back up and/or can change color, sound etc. Advanced Goal: Each time Sprite senses something, 3 actions have to occur

Week 6 Loops Scratch Lesson: Introduce Loops: “Repetition” and when it can be useful/ should be used Goal: Create a situation in which a loop is needed and program Sprite to follow it Advanced Goal: Create a different loop than the first

Week 7 Loops continued (if needed)
Week 8 Creation of an animated card for anyone Scratch Lesson: Explore possibilities in making an animated card (the possible functions a card can have) Goal: Create a card and those who want, can share with the class Advanced Goal: Create a card that has both sound and involves user-interaction

Week 9 Explain and present Final Project (Creation of a game) Scratch Lesson: Begin drafting idea, what the purpose of your game is Goal: Have a written rough draft of the “things” your game will do (The game plan can change but just to start with a concrete idea)

Week 10 Final Project  Goal: Work on final project, have it working or almost ready by the end of class

Week 11 Final Project Goal: Present to the class final project, have students play with their classmates’ creations

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