Introduction to Scratch – Saxena + Bui

Name of Unit

Introduction to Scratch


Nikita Saxena and Khuyen Bui





Brief Description

This unit will be used to introduce students to the basics of computer programming using the open-source Scratch software. In the early part of the unit, each week will be used to introduce the students to a different part of the program, leading towards a final video game project.




fourth grade, computers, programming, Scratch

Number of Weeks


Week 1

Introduce basic concepts of programming using the “Human Robot” activity. Students will work in pairs to write down basic “programming” steps to program a STOMP fellow to reach the door and touch the doorknob.

Week 2

Introduce the Scratch program. Ensure that students have a concrete understanding of the x-y coordinate system and degrees to break up a circle. We will introduce basic movement blocks and have students program a “sprite” to reach all four corners of the display window.

Week 3

Students will be taught how to connect keyboard and mouse commands to the move statements created in the previous week. Students should be able to use typed letters to command the sprite to move to the four corners.

Week 4

Introduce the ideas of conditional statements. Ensure students are still able to have the sprite reach all four corners, and have them perform a specific action when each corner is reached.

Week 5

Introduce various types of sensing available in Scratch. Begin to explore various color and display options as well.

Week 6

Introduce the concepts of loops and how to create them in the Scratch program.

Week 7

Continue to work with loops and increase complexity of programs build.

Week 8

(Flex week) Can have students create an animated card using their Scratch knowledge.

Week 9

Introduce final project of creating a computer game. Students will see examples of games created in Scratch, and be asked to come up with a “goal” for their game. Students should be able to write down the different components of their game and what they hope it to do.

Week 10

Continue working towards final project.

Week 11

Allow students to put any final touches on their projects. Have student pairs rotate and play the games created by the rest of the class.

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