Name of Unit Magnetism, Electricity, and Alternative Fuels
Author(s) Catherine Coughlin and Keren Hendel
School Argenziano
Teacher Ms. Salazar
Brief Description We will do an introduction to energy, electricity, and magnetism. We will use different challenges and activities to have the students discover these properties on their own.
Grade(s) 5
Keywords solar power, wind power, 5th grade, electricity, magnetism, circuits, science
Number of Weeks 11
Week 1 We observed the classroom and met with the teacher and kids.
Week 2 Solar Powered Oven We made solar powered ovens using plastic containers, black paper, tape, and aluminum foil. We used the ovens to bake ready-bake cookies. Realizing that the day was cold, we brought in Chips Ahoy cookies knowing the oven may not be as effective as on a sunny summer day.
Week 3 Wind Power
Week 4 Squishy Circuits
Week 5 Snap Circuits
Week 6 Snap Circuits
Week 7 Build a Lego House: Part 1
Week 8 Build a Lego House: Part 2
Week 9 Intro to Electromagnetism & What’s magnetic around you?

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