Name of Unit Intro to NXT Sensors
Author(s) Kenny Westerman, Leiny Garcia
School Vassal Lane Upper School
Teacher Ms. Patil
Brief Description The students will build on their knowledge of NXT programming by learning to use sensors. This is a 7th grade elective class of four students. Each students is taking the course by choice so they are very enthusiastic on learning more about NXT’s. Two students had previously done a maze challenge without sensors.
Grade(s) 6/7/8
Keywords NXT, cars, sensors
Number of Weeks 8
Week 1 NXT CAR: Programming Intro/ReviewStudents had an NXT car that was already made. The task was to program the car to move forward, turn, and move back.
Week 2 PET THE DOG: Intro to touch sensor and switches 
Week 3 AVOID A WALL: Intro to Ultrasonic and LoopsStudents had to make the robot to stop at a wall and turn around.

Week 4 FOLLOW HAND: Ultrasonic (cont)Students had to program the robot to follow their hand with the ultrasonic sensor.
Week 5 STOP AT LINE: Intro to Light SensorStudents had to program the robot to stop at a white tape.
Week 6 FINAL PROJECT: Battle BotsThe activity was to build the defense mechanism for the battle bot.
Week 7 FINAL PROJECT: Battle BotsStudents had to choose a sensor that will activate the defense mechanism they built, and program it.

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