Name of Unit NXT Robotics
Author(s) Coughlin and Colley
School International School of Boston
Teacher Fred Boltzman and Elizabeth Mayer
Brief Description Introduction to LEGO NXTs, programming in Mindstorms
Grade(s) 6,7,8
Keywords NXT, robotics, mindstorms, introduction
Number of Weeks 5
Week 1 Frankenstein’s Monster Activity (Introduction to building and programming the NXT)

Day One: students built Frank’s legs, began programming move commands in Mindstorms

Week 2 Frankenstein’s Monster

Day Two: students finish building frames and continue programming move commands, incorporate sensors into frame but no programming

Week 3 Frankenstein’s Monster

Day Three: Programming sensors, conditional statements in Mindstorms

Week 4 Frankenstein’s Monster

Day Four: Continued programming practice, while loops, switch statements

Week 5 Frankenstein’s Monster

Day Five: More complex programming goals = data wires, conditional statements, free build

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