Name of Unit Robotics in Motion
Author(s) Emily Naito, Emily Lai
School Eliot-Pearson Children’s School
Teacher Heidi Given
Brief Description Students will use WeDo robotics kits to learn about basic robotics and motion while applying it to their space curriculum currently in science classes.
Grade(s) Kindergarten
Keywords WeDo, robotics, space, gravity
Number of Weeks 10
Week 1 Spaghetti Towers:
Week 2 Spaceship Landing: We built parachutes to slow down a Lego “spaceship” as it fell to Earth
Week 3 Build Lego Cars:
Week 4 Human Robots: Creating cream cheese bagels using programming “blocks”
Week 5 Introduction to Programming with Prebuilt Cars:
Week 6 Build Motorized Lego Cars:
Week 7 Continue Build Motorized Lego Cars:
Week 8 Continue Build Motorized Lego Cars:
Week 9 Three Little Pigs House Challenge:
Week 10 Continue Three Little Pigs House Challenge:  

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