Name of Unit Service Learning/Human Factors
Author(s) Lustenberger + Lopez-Benitez
School Columbus
Teacher Dipersio
Brief Description Students will get exposure to circuits and different materials before they pick a problem they want to address by designing and building something new
Grade(s) 4th
Keywords Service Learning, Dipersio, 4th grade, Columbus, squishy circuits
Number of Weeks 10
Week 1 Introduction and Paper Towers
Week 2 Squishy Circuits
Week 3 Introduction to Service LearningPowerpoint: S14-STOMP WEEK 3 Dipersio
Week 4 Materials Testing
Week 5 Project proposal and material requests

Project Proposal Worksheet

Projects students chose to work on: loud/quiet signal, chair stopper, whiteboard wiper, pencil organizer, water bottle holder, light switcher

Students asked to list what materials they will use, how they will use them, and what property they are using the material for (aka sturdy, soft, etc.)

Week 6 Begin building projects. Photos were taken at the end of the class so that students could use them on their posters to explain changes in designs, initial plans, ect.
Week 7 Continue building projects – we started the class by having the groups discuss what they did the last class, in terms of building their project, and what they would work on during that class. These were shared with the whole class to help the groups focus their work time.
Week 8 Continue building projects – we had the students start to write down things for their poster, such as the problem they are addressing, a basic description of their product, instructions, who their clients are, and special features.
Week 9 Introduce poster presentations, checklist has all of the key parts that we expected to be on the poster and/or presented onn.


Week 10 Class to finish up project and posters, then each group gave a 3 minute presentation about their project using their posters.

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