Name of Unit Simple Machines with Science Curriculum
Author(s) Matt Mueller, Emily Naito, Mary McCormick, Karman Chu
Brief Description The idea of this unit is to introduce different simple machines throughout the semester and try to tie each one in with whatever the kids are currently learning about in their science class and do a project connecting them. The idea for the final project at this point is to create a type of simple generator using what we learned throughout the semester.
Keywords Simple Machines Science Curriculum Brooks School Ms McCormick 5th grade
Number of Weeks 8
Week 1 Introduction to gears and their uses.  How they can be used to make things go at different speeds.
Week 2 Use gears to create a model solar system and show how planets rotate as they revolve.
Week 6 Introduce basics of electricity and how lights are powered.
Week 7 Introduce final project of simple generator and show them how it can be done.
Week 8 Complete work on simple generators and present.

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