Fraction Carnival





Name of Activity Fraction Carnival
Author Erika Goodwin
Keywords fractions, 1 Hour Total
Subject Non-LEGO, LEGO Building
Grade Level K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Time 1 Hour Total
Brief Description Students will learn about fractions by doing four related activities on fractions. Students should have a basic understanding of fractions going into this activity.
Lesson Objectives: To learn about fractions.
Materials Needed: ball
basket (empty garbage can)
pattern blocks
grid paper
Blue and white LEGO bricks
One worksheet for each students
“Parts of a fraction” help sheet at each station
Preparation and Set Up: Make photocopies of the worksheets.
Set up each station:
Ball toss – ball and a basket
LEGO station – 3-D objects made of blue and white LEGOs
Coin Toss – coins
Geometric figures – pattern blocks.
Arrange students into 4 groups (one for each station).
Distribute worksheets
  1. Have each group spend 15 minutes at each station, doing the activity and filling out the worksheet as they go.
    1. Coin toss station – students must flip a coin 20 times by themselves and record whether they get heads or tails on each flip. Then they set up fractions from the number of heads and tails flipped out of the total.
    2. Pattern blocks – The students look at different geometric shapes and how smaller geometric shapes can be used to build larger ones. e.g. how many green triangles fit into a ayellow hexagon? The students should express these relationships as fractions.
    3. Basket toss – Students attempt to toss a ball into a basket from a specified distance. The student determine what fraction of the tosses they made into the basket – this can be related to sports statistics.
    4. LEGO station – Students examine 3-D objects made of blue and white LEGOs. Students will determine what fraction of the objects are white and what fraction are blue.
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Measurements and Scale Drawings





Name of Activity Measurements and Scale Drawings
Author Erika Goodwin
Keywords rulers, measuring, measurements, ruler, scale, fractions, floor plan
Subject Non-LEGO
Grade Level K, 1, 2, 3
Time 1 Hour Total
Brief Description To introduce rulers as a way of measuring.
Lesson Objectives: To learn how to measure using a ruler.
Materials Needed: Activity worksheet for each student.
Various objects students can measure.
Preparation and Set Up: Photocopy the worksheet.
Graph paper.
Distribute materials.
Necessary Background Vocabulary:
floor plan
  1. Draw an inch on the board using a ruler and have students do the same on their worksheets.
  2. Describe what the different tick marks stand for on a ruler, including fractions of inches.
  3. As a class go over the beginning of the worksheet.
  4. Ask students to measure various objects and to record the length to the nearest quarter of an inch.
  5. Introduce the concept of scaling. An image may be scaled when its size is much larger or smaller in real life then the size you are trying to present it at. Tell students about how scaling is used in models and pictures.
  6. Have students measure their desk, and then produce a scale drawing on graph paper.
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