Professional Units

The following links to external PDFs are units that have been developed at the CEEO through dissertation research, summer projects, or other focused work. Please keep in mind that these were not all designed within the time/resource constraints of the STOMP model. You may need to adapt them for your classroom.

Simple Machines Unit

Robotics Unit

Introduction to Robotics

Properties of Materials- House Design Unit

Design an Animal

Simple Machines Unit- Design a People Mover

Types of Engineering With an Emphasis on Design


STOMPer-Created Units

The following units were developed, implemented, and documented by STOMP fellows. These PDF versions were compiled during Summer 2014, and created as an amalgam of many different units STOMPers have implemented over the past few years.  We hope to grow this collection as STOMPer documentation continues to become more detailed.

Types of Engineering

Intro to EV3 Programming

Intro. to LEGO Robotics

For all units go to : our classroom archives.



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