Name of Unit Introduction to Engineering
Author(s) Leiny Garcia and Dan Callahan
School Josiah Quincy
Teacher Ms. Fong
Brief Description The original goal for this semester is to introduce the students to different types of engineering. We had planned to introduce Mechanical, Civil, Environmental, Chemical, Computer, Electrical, and Aerospace engineering. However, when we introduced squishy circuits for Electrical Engineering, Ms. Fong wanted us to continue the topic. Therefore, the curriculum for the rest of the semester was based on snap circuit activities. We made worksheets to record any circuit design, and used the engineering process as a format. The end of each worksheet had take home questions that relate what the activity to what they see in everyday life. The final project was to build a city, where the students were divided into groups based on the needs of the city.
Grade(s) 5th grade
Keywords Fall 2013, Intro to Engineering
Number of Weeks 10
Week 1  We observed Ms. Fong’s Classroom and discussed the curriculum.
Week 2 EGG DROP:This activity was used to introduce the engineering process.


Week 3 Civil Engineering- Bridges and Towers:We will split the class into groups. Half of those groups built a bridge that has to support a cup full of coins. The other half built the tallest tower and had to pass an earthquake test (taped the tower to a desk and shook it).


Week 4 Electrical Engineering- Squishy Circuits:We introduced series and parallel circuits, and conductive/insulating materials. The kids were asked to build those circuits with LED’s and write down any observations they saw on the LED’s. Then they tested if some materials were conductors or insulators by adding them to the circuit design.


Week 5 Snap Circuits Intro:The students did the same activity as the squishy circuit, but with the snap circuit. The purpose was to introduce the circuit and give them time to get comfortable with the kit.


Week 6 Snap Circuits- Switches:Students were asked to make switches with parallel and series circuits, and explain any observations.


Week 7 Snap Circuits- Energy:To change up the snap circuits, we decided to focus on different forms of energy. The snap circuits provided solar panels, wind turbines, and generators. We discussed briefly the difference between chemical, solar, and mechanical energy.We asked the students to experiment with the devices to see how much energy each one can produce.


Week 8 FINAL PROJECT- Build a City:We made the students focus on brainstorming and planning. First the students discussed what was needed in a city, such as electricity, power, buildings, and towers. A list was made and a map of the city was discussed as well (so they did some urban planning). The list was grouped into different tasks, and each task was assigned randomly to a team. Then each team had a worksheet where they had to plan their structure and request some materials for us to bring next STOMP day.


Week 9 FINAL PROJECT- Build a city:Students were given the materials that they requested and started to construct the city. The city lamps group went around to other groups to get precise sizes of their structure to get an accurate layout of the city.They wanted to get a precise measurement of how long they needed to wires to be.


Week 10 FINAL PROJECT- Build a city:The students worked on the project during the week and had it done this day. Each group represented their part and the city.

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