Intro to NXT – DiPaola + Feerst

Name of Unit

Intro to NXT


DiPaola + Feerst





Brief Description

This program is designed to introduce students to building and programming NXT robots. Students will learn the basics of a program as well as designing programs to fit certain tasks. This is a tentative schedule.




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Number of Weeks


Week 1

Intro to Engineering- Spaghetti Towers Students work in pairs to create a spaghetti tower using twenty pieces of spaghetti, tape, and a piece of string. They were given 20 minutes to design the highest tower that was able to hold a marshmallow.

Week 2

Human Robot Activity Students will program a STOMPer to do some sort of task that they choose through their words. Students will then work in partners and write down their own “programs”. This activity is designed to illustrate how important it is to be specific and detailed while programming.

Week 3

Begin building NXT robots Students will become familiar with the NXT pieces and begin to work with their groups on designing their first robot

Week 4

Building week 2 The goal of this week is to finish building the robots so that we can begin programming

Week 5

Basic Programming Students will learn how to program using a computer and begin to test how this affects their robots.

Week 6

Halloween Maze Students will program their robots to maneuver through a Halloween maze

Week 7

Final Project Week 1 Rube Goldberg Machine using NXT (details to be figured out)

Week 8

Final Project Week 2 Rube Goldberg Machine using NXT (details to be figured out)

Week 9

Final Project Week 3 Rube Goldberg Machine using NXT (details to be figured out)

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