Name of Unit Introduction to Robotics
Author(s) Whitney Crooks & Jessica Swenson
Brief Description This unit introduces the students to basic robotics (motor, sensors, programming) through small projects targeted at building a robotics skill.
Keywords NXT, 6th Grade, Vassal Lane, Silly Walks, Build an Animal, Sensors
Number of Weeks 9
Week 1 Build an animal using only the top of the NXT kit pieces. This lesson emphasizes using as many pieces as possible in order to figure out how all the pieces work.
Week 2 Silly Walks
Week 3 Silly Walks
Week 4 Learning Sensors Game Activity – building
Week 5  Learning Sensors Game Activity – programming
Week 6  Learning Sensors Game Activity – programming
Week 7  Rube Goldberg with Robots
Week 8  Rube Goldberg with Robots
Week 9  Rube Goldberg with Robots

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