Name of Unit Intro to Robotics with the NXT
Author(s) Marya Schnedeker and Joe Singh
School The Hurley School
Teacher Ramona Arroyo
Brief Description Students will be introduced to aspects of computer, electrical and
mechanical engineering by learning robotics and becoming proficient
with the LEGO NXT. Each week contains a 45 minute project.
Grade(s) 8
Keywords NXT
Number of Weeks 10
Week 1 Spaghetti Towers

  • Purpose: Introduce engineering, sturdy design, engineering in groups/collaboration
  • Challenge: Build a tower as high as possible
  • Materials (per pair of students): 20 pieces of spaghetti, one marshmallow, 12 inches of string, 12 inches of tape
  • Wrap up: each group shares their design and a winner(s) is chosen.
Week 2 Silly Walks

  • Purpose: Understand sturdy design and motors
  • Introduction: what is an example of something that moves without wheels? For example: animals, planes, snowmobile, etc.
  • Challenge: Build a robot that moves without wheels
  • Materials (per pair of students): Lego NXT kit
  • Reference: Silly Walks
Week 3 Silly Walks Continued

  • Wrap up: share designs
  • Class discussion: what worked well? Types of engineering used?
Week 4 Introducing Sensors: Make an Alarm

Week 5 Make an Alarm with Extension Challenge:

  • Make robot move away after alarm is triggered.
Week 6 Make an Alarm Extension Continued
Week 7 Stay on Table: Make an Alarm

Week 8 Stay on Table Continued
Week 9 Candy Pusher

  • Reference: STOMP Curriculum Catalog 2013-2014, Introduction to Robotics, Lesson 5
Week 10 Candy Pusher Continued

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