Moon Ribas

Waiting for Earthquakes (2013) ┬áis a dance piece created by Moon Ribas, and it’s based on the interaction between the movements of the earth and a dancer. The dancer wears sensors attached to her body that allow her to feel earthquakes as small as 1 in the Richter scale in any given place of the planet during the performance. The intensity of the movements are based on the intensity of the earthquake. There are usually small earthquakes every 2-3 minutes. If there are no earthquakes, the audience and the dancer will wait together in what might feel like a waiting room. The performance is intended to last for several hours or days, the audience should be able to enter and leave the space freely and sit around the performance space. If the earth decides not to move during the performance, the dancer will not move. We like the use of technology as an extension of human perception. In this case Moon is able to perceive all the earthquakes around the world. It’s a use of technology that not only extends the senses of the dancer but brings the dancer and the audience closer to nature itself. We don’t like the use of technology that alienates artists from nature, we like the use of technology that can allow us to extend our perception to the level of other animal species and perceive or sense nature in greater detail and intensity. Expressing ourselves through new sensory inputs.