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Watch a video clip of our research on national television featured on The Weather Channel’s America Morning Headquarters: Tea Tastes Worse When it Rains Too Much

Let’s Talk Tea with Dr. Selena Ahmed (23 Nov 2014) on Let’s Talk Tea 


Sean Cash discusses the effects of climate change on the food supply on KJZZ 91.5FM


Reading the Tea Leaves for Effects of Climate Change in Science Magazine

Why Tea Tastes Worse When it Rains too Much in the Kitchen Daily and Huffington Post

Shifting Precipitation Patterns Affect Tea Flavor, Health Compounds, Study Shows in Science Daily

Tea Tastes Worse When It Rains Too Much in Discovery News

Tea Flavors Changing with Shifting Rainfall Patterns in ZME Science

On the Cusp of Climate Change in the New York Times

Read a recent blog featuring Co-PI Selena Ahmed Dr. Selena Ahmed: Pushing the Tea Research Envelope by Erika Cilengir (T-Ching)

Climate Change and the Taste of a Sip of Tea in the Boston Globe

Tea Researchers Defend NSF Grant That Lawmakers Want to Kill in Science Magazine News / Science Insider

The Chinese Tea Study that the Tea Party Wants to Suppress on Kinja website

Tea Research Threatened by World Tea News

World’s favorite drink now being impacted by climate change on Digital Journal website

How Climate Change Is Changing The World’s Tea on Fast Company Exist website

Impact of Climate Change on World’s Favorite Drink by World Tea News

Reading the Tea Leaves: Impact of Climate Change on World Favorite Drink on Science Daily


MSU Professor, Colleagues’ Research Shows that Shifting Precipitation Patterns Affect Tea Flavor and Health Compounds on MSU website by University Communications

Tea Taste and Quality Affected by Climate Change by American Botanical Council

Read the Tea Leaves: Impact of Climate Change in Tufts Now Magazine Online

MSU Professor Wins Grant to Study How Weather Changes Impact Tea Quality on MSU website by University Communications

National Science Foundation awards $19.4 million for research on coupled natural and human systems on NSF website


Boehm, R., Cash, S.B.. Anderson, B., Ahmed, S., Griffin T.S., Orians, C.M., Robbat, Jr., A., Stepp, R. “Climate Change, Monsoon Dynamics, and Tea Production in China, ” presenting author at the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, July 2014.

Robbat, Jr., Kowalsick, A., Kfoury, N., Cash, S.B., Ahmed, S., Griffin, T.S., Orians, C.M., A., Stepp, R. “Monitoring Key Tea Metabolites to Assess Climate Variability Effects on Tea Quality” International Symposium on Capillary Chromotography, Riva del Garda, Italy, May 2014.


Orians, Colin. February 2016. Effects of Climate and Herbivory on Tea Growth and Chemistry: implications for farmer livelihoods. University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA

Ahmed, Selena. February 2015. Tea Horse Road. Traveling the Silk Road Exhibit and Lecture Series, Denver Museum of Science (Featured Lecture), CO

Ahmed, Selena. January 2014. Tea Horse Road. Traveling the Silk Road Exhibit and Lecture Series, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (Featured Lecture), CA

Ahmed, Selena. April 2014. Tea and Sustainability. Montana Family and Consumer Sciences Annual Meeting (Keynote Speaker), MT

Ahmed, Selena. October 2013. Tea and the Taste of Climate Change. Sustainability and Women in Science Seminar Series. Babson College, MA



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