Our Collaborative Team Publications

Kfoury, N.; Morimoto, J.; Kern, A.; Scott, E. R.; Orians, C. M.; Ahmed, S.; Griffin, T.; Cash, S.B.; Stepp, J.R.; Xue, D.; Long, C.; Robbat, A. 2018. Striking changes in tea metabolites due to elevational effects. Food Chemistry. doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2018.05.040

Boehm, R.; Cash, S.B.; Anderson, B.A.; Ahmed, S.; Griffin, T.S.; Robbat, A. Jr.; Stepp, J.R.; Han, W.; Hazel, M.; Orians, C.M. 2016. Association between Empirically Estimated Monsoon Dynamics and Other Weather Factors and Historical Tea Yields in China: Results from a Yield Response ModelClimate. 4 (2),  20

Kowalsick, A; Kfoury, N; Robbat, A; Ahmed, S; Orians, C; Griffin, T; Cash, S; Stepp, R. 2014. Metabolite Profiling of Camellia sinensis by Automated Sequential, Multidimensional Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC-GC/MS) Reveals Strong Monsoon Effects on Tea Constituents. Journal of Chromatography A 1370 (28):  230–239

Ahmed, S; Stepp, JR; Orians, C.; Griffin, T; Matyas, C.; Robbat, A.; Cash, S.; Xue, D; Chunlin, L; Kennelly, E; Unachuckwu, U.; Buckley, S. 2014. Effects of Extreme Climate Events on Tea (Camellia sinensis) Functional Quality Validate Indigenous Farmer Knowledge and Sensory Preferences in Tropical China. PLoS One 9(10): e109126

Ahmed, S.; Orians, C.; Griffin, T.; Buckley, S.; Unachukwu, U.; Stratton, A.E.; Stepp, J.R.; Robbat, A.; Cash, S; Kennelly, E. 2014. Effects of Water Availability and Pest Pressures on Tea (Camellia sinensis) Growth and Functional Quality. AoB Plants 6

Our Other Publications on Tea 

Peer-Reviewed Research Articles

Xin, T.; Huang, W.; de Riek,J.; Zhang, S.; Ahmed, S.; Long, C. 2017. Cultural Factors Enhance the Genetic Diversity of Camellia Reticulata More than Geography. Ecology and Evolution 1-12 (DOI:

Kfoury, N., Scott, E., Orians, O., Robbat, A. 2017. Direct Contact Sorptive Extraction: A robust method for sampling plant volatiles in the field. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Ahmed, S.; Stepp, J.R. 2016. Beyond Yields: Climate Effects on Specialty Crop Quality and Agroecological Management. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene (Forum on New Pathways to Sustainability in Agroecological Systems). 4: 000092

Ahmed, S; Peters, CM; Chunlin, L; Meyer, R; Unachukwu, U; Litt, A; Kennelly, E; Stepp, JR. 2013. Biodiversity and Phytochemical Quality in Indigenous and State-Supported Tea Management Systems of Yunnan, China. Conservation Letters. 5 (6): 28-36

Stoeckle, M; Gamble, C; Kirpekar, R; Young, G; Ahmed, S; Little, D. 2011. Commercial Teas Highlight Plant DNA Barcode Identification Successes and Obstacles. Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group). 1 (42)

Ahmed, S; Stepp, JR; Toleno, R; Peters, CM. 2010. Increased Market Integration, Value, and Ecological Knowledge of Tea Agro-forests in the Akha Highlands of Southwest China. Ecology and Society. 15 (4): 27

Ahmed, S; Unachukwu, U; Stepp, JR; Peters, CM.; Chunlin, L; Kennelly, E. 2010. Pu-erh Tea Tasting in Yunnan, China: Correlation of Drinkers’ Perceptions to Phytochemistry. Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 132: 176-185

Unachukwu, U; Ahmed, S; Kavalier, A; Lyles, J; Kennelly, E. 2010.Variation of Phenolic and Methylxanthine Composition and Anti-oxidant Activity among White and Green Teas (Camellia sinensis var. sinensis (L.) Kuntze Theaceae). Journal of Food Science. 75 (6): C541–C548

Books, Book Chapters, Magazine Articles and Other Publications

Freeman, M.; Ahmed, S.; Lin, S. 2015. Life of Tea: Terroir and Connoisseurship. Barclays Bank PLC, London, UK (Large format book; Non-trade Edition; Commissioned by Barclays Bank PLC)

Ahmed, S; Stepp, JR; Xue, D. 2014. Cultivating Botanicals for Sensory Quality: From Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) to Taste Discernment by Smallholder Tea Farmers. In: Reynertson, Kurt. Ed. Botanicals: Methods for Quality and Authenticity. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC In press

Ahmed, S. 2014. Tea and the Taste of Climate Change: Understanding Impacts of Environmental Variation on Botanical  Quality. Herbal Gram Magazine. Fall 2014. Issue 103: 44-51

Ahmed, Selena. 2013. The Terroir of Pu-erh Tea and Human Wellbeing. In: Cousineau and Hoyt, Editors. Twenty-one Tea Essays for the 21st century. Talking Leaves Press, Watsonville, CA

Ahmed, S; Stepp, JR. 2012. Pu-erh Tea: Botany, Production, and Chemistry. In: Preedy, Victor. Ed. Tea in Health and Disease Prevention. Academic Press, Elsevier Science and Technology, Missouri

Ahmed, S; Stepp, JR. 2012. Green Tea: The Plants, Processing, Manufacturing and Production. In: Preedy, Victor. Ed. Tea in Health and Disease Prevention. Academic Press, Elsevier Science and Technology, Missouri

Ahmed, S. 2012. Review of the Clinical Evidence on Weight Loss and Tea Consumption. In: Preedy, Victor. Ed. Tea in Health and Disease Prevention. Academic Press, Elsevier Science and Technology, Missouri

Ahmed, Selena; Freeman, Michael. 2011. Pu-erh Tea and the Southwest Silk Road: An Ancient Quest for Wellbeing. Herbal Gram; Summer 2011: 90 (Cover Story)

Freeman, M; Ahmed, S. 2011. Tea Horse Road: China’s Ancient Trade Road to Tibet. River Books Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand. (Large format book; 340 pages; 1.6 x 11.9 x 11.8 inches; 6.3 pounds)

Ahmed, Selena. 2008. A Cup of Diversity: Learning from the Farmers of Forest Tea-Gardens. Resurgence. 250, Indigenous Intelligence Issue for the 2008 World Conservation Congress



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