Other Classroom Response Systems (CRS)

There are other web-based Classroom Response Systems that are easy to use and can meet various different needs of courses.

Please contact the company’s direct support line and resources mentioned in their website.

1. Recommended suites of polling, open-ended responses, and more

Poll Everywhere Learning Catalytics Top Hat Monocle
Common multiple choice
text answer
internet connection
multiple choice
text answer
internet connection
multiple choice
text answer
internet connection
Different SMS
offline questioning
question sharing
peer instruction
embed image seating chart
graph answer (sketch)
word cloud
question bank
embed image
numeric answer
question bank
Pricing Free for 40 studentsStudent pays $14 for year
Instructor pays $399 per semester
$12 per semester
Student pays
$20 per semester
$38 for 5yr subscription
Who uses them? Widely adopted in higher/K-12 education Eric Mazur (Harvard), Founder Based in Canada (widely adopted in Canada)

2. Recommended list of simple & free open-ended response systems (a.k.a., backchannel)

Requirement: web-enabled device

TodaysMeet Live Question Tool Google Moderator Piazza
Features twitter hastag integration votes/replies on responses votes/replies on responses, sorting by date or popularity more extensive interaction over realtime forums, votes/replies on responses, and content/participation tracking
Set your Twitter account name in your settings to use the TwitterBar Section.