Online Survey

What is It?

Online survey allows you to create questions online and to receive student inputs easily both in and outside the classroom. Whereas Classroom Response Systems (CRS) promote instantaneous response sharing during class, you can use online survey tools to collect data and review the responses thoroughly at a later time.

How Can I Use It in Teaching?

Online survey tools are used for a variety of purposes in teaching including

  • peer-assessment for class activities
  • data collection for student projects
  • anonymous responses on sensitive questions or situations
  • vocabulary practice
  • current or prior knowledge assessment about a topic or concept
  • scheduling or sign-up

Check out Assess Student Learning and Assess and Revise a Course to learn more about assessment tips.

Where Can I Get Support?

Tufts offers a university-wide license for Qualtrics, an easy to use, full-featured, web-based tool for creating and conducting online surveys. See this Qualtrics page for more information.

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