Tufts Hosted Tools

The following educational technologies are currently hosted by & supported at Tufts. TTS ESTS and CELT are available to consult with instructors on issues related to teaching & technology.

Clickers are a technology that can facilitate a number of interactive classroom activities.

GIS – geographical information systems
UIT provides a full suite of software and hardware technologies to allow instructors to incorporate mapping and other geo-spatial techniques into their teaching and learning.

An easy to use, full-featured, web-based tool for creating and conducting online surveys.

Spark MediaMarkup
The MediaMarkup tool allows users to provide commentary, feedback, and reflections at specific time locations within user uploaded digital audio and video files.

Spark Podcasts
Publish and circulate digital content (e.g. lecture recordings, audio records, documents) via our in-house podcast publication tool.

Spark Web Conferencing
Web Conferencing allows participants in different locations to meet online to discuss, collaborate and do presentations.

Spark Wikis
Wikis are a web-based technology that allows groups of individuals to add, revise and edit web content, so it is a natural tool for most collaborative writing activities.

Spark WordPress
WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform that allows users to easily create attractive, customizable content for the web.

Trunk is Tufts’ new online environment designed to facilitate teaching, learning, and assessment at Tufts.

The Tufts Center for Scientific Visualization involves a high-resolution display wall, with far more pixels than conventional computer desktop displays, and far higher than conventional home “High Definition” TV displays. Rear screen projection is used, allowing the viewers to approach the screen for detailed analysis without blocking the projected image.

VUE provides a flexible visual environment, based on concept mapping, for structuring, presenting, and sharing digital information.


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