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The US have been a country of immigrants since the dawn of time from the pilgrims that came over looking for religious freedom or looking for a better life and opportunities. America was a dwelling to immigrants and welcomed them with open arms. Many of the Founding Fathers were amongst these immigrants who wanted to pursue happiness and liberty. Immigrants came to the US without much restriction and settled in the country and contributed to the society. However things started to change in the 1800’s. Many Americans started to look at immigrants differently. Different factions started to look at the issue differently for their own benefits. Industrial factions saw immigrants as a good source of revenue, nativists such as the “Know Nothing” were susceptible by immigrants, and organizations who supported immigrants wanted to see immigrants come in and incorporate without any difficulty.


Since the 1800’s they have been multiple immigration law to deal with the increase of immigrants coming to the US both legally and illegally.  Some of the laws have benefited specific group such as the Cuban Refugee Adjustment Act and denying these same privilege to similar group facing similar political and economic scenario.  The US immigration system have been broken for years and finally the country is trying to address it and try to make it more inclusive for all the illegal immigrants.  They are multiple reasons ranging from security to border control why comprehensive immigration reform is necessary.  However my interest in looking at the issue of comprehensive immigration reform is from an economical and business prospective.  Immigrants entrepreneurs have contributed overwhelmingly to the US economic prosperity and not to mention the advantage that the agricultural industry have been taking advantage off while using a broken worker visa program that is in need of updating.  I want to demonstrate why not addressing the immigration issues facing the US will be the cause and the down fall of it economic power and prosperity.


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