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I was born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti.  I came to the US at the age of thirteen and grew up in Boston and New York City (every Summer).

My greatest professional accomplishment came from being an AmeriCorps Member while working with at-risk children in a confidential shelter for women and children fleeing abusive relationships.

The little boy was extremely shy when I first met him – he did not want to participate in any activities and always wanted to be left alone. I approached him and asked if he would draw me a picture because he was a gifted artist.  He told me that he did not want to draw me anything and that he only drew for people he liked.

I knew that was not going to be an easy road, so I decided to organize an art contest open to all the children.  The winner of the contest would receive an art kit and supplies.  I was not surprised to see the enthusiasm he showed when signing up for the contest: he was to first person to put his name on the list and, on day of the competition, he was one of the first children to turn in his drawing.  He had painted a mountain with the sun rising in the horizon.  I asked him if this drawing had any special significance and was surprised to hear him say that the mountain represented missing his father and the trouble he had making friends, while the sun represented how he believed that things would change for him in the future.

That little boy taught me that regardless of how bad things might seem one needs to have faith that there is something better on the horizon. Many times, it is up to us, as individuals, to serve our community and make a difference in the lives of others.  This is the reason why I want to keep working in the public sector.


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