Additional Information

Following the TELI 2012 fall meeting on October 30th, on this page you will find additional information, links and resources that will be useful for you and your students.

First of all, following hurricane Sandy, it is important to consider the importance of natural disasters from an environmental perspective and therefore you will find here hurricane related references. This is a rich collection of relevant literature for your reference, according to search results for the following terms: hurricane, cyclone, tropical storm, tropical cyclone, benefit,importance, role, dependence, ecology, ecosystem, environment, disturbance regimes, biotic communities.

Within the same framework, we would like to introduce you to a new on line communication tool called Storify. This is a website that allows users to keep track of story time lines using sources from social media like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. To give you an example of how this can be utilized, we put together a storify for the hurricane.

We would also like to bring to your attention two interesting organizations you might want to look into. The first one is ClimateNexus, which consists of strategic thinkers and innovative communicators who aim to change the climate and energy conversation in the U.S. The second one is The Carbon Brief, which keeps up with the latest updates in climate science and stories about climate and energy in new and traditional media.

We hope you find these sources and information useful and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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