Publication guidelines

Thank you for the work you do incorporating the TELI themes into your classes! It would be great to feature your or your students’ work in TIE publications. The following are some guidelines for particular publications:

TIE Website Feature

This would include a feature on the front page with links to another page on the website. This could either be an article written by you — up to 500 words— about your experiences in your course with a picture of you, or it could be an interview of you conducted by a TIE communications intern with a couple of quotes by students and photographs taken in your class (as long as the students are okay with that as well). Requires a catchy title.

Social Media

We have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Posts could be a short testimonial-­‐type quote (there is a character limit for Twitter, but FB can be longer; Instagram is just pictures, but could be fun if your students write a paper with a funny/witty/interesting title you could photograph), or could link to a longer article you’ve written about your experience. There is also potential here to share with the GSAS LinkedIn page for a longer post (500 words or fewer).

Tufts Environmental Alumni e-­‐newsletter

This would be an article for the TEA newsletter, which goes out quarterly. The next one is set for February. The article would be similar to the one for the website feature, but besides the title I would also need a short “teaser” for the article, and the word count could be higher—up to 750 words. As you might imagine, the audience is alums interested in environmental topics.

Papers or short opinion pieces written by students would also be great to feature in the TEA newsletter. We would love anything from a personal reflection to a more academic, research‐based paper. TIE has in-­house editors, too, so if there’s a student with a promising piece that’s way too long, we can work with them to make it fit our requirements.

Additionally, attached you’ll find here a short style guide, mostly applicable to your students in case they are considering a submission to one of our publications.

Please contact Elizabeth Mahaffy at if you have any questions.

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