Day 4

Thursday, May 23, 2013

                          “ANIMAL HEALTH AND FIELD TRIP”

LOCATION:# Grafton


  • Learn to design curriculum around One Health
  • Introduce One Health contextual content around biodiversity
  • Explore the connections between One Health and conservation medicine


Participants will:

  1. Explore the impacts of biodiversity on health and disease and gain an understanding for the need to incorporate ecological approaches to their work.
  2. Learn how to use VUE concept mapping software to illustrate connections in a One Health exercise and to illustrate One Health linkages in their own institutions (including “asset mapping” at their own institution)
  3. Discuss ways to design and teach an interdisciplinary course of study in One Health
  4. Visit the Grafton Wildlife hospital and farm.



9.00 AM- 10.15 AM: One Health Curriculum Development and Asset Mapping (Gretchen Kaufman)

10.15 AM- 10.30 AM:COFFEE BREAK

10.30 AM- 12.00 PM:Building a program ( Gretchen Kaufman)

12.00 PM- 1.30 PM:LUNCH BREAK

1.30 PM- 2.30 PM:Design on One Health and Teaching Methods (Gretchen Kaufman and Alison Robbins)


2.45 PM – 3.00 PM: Student’s perspective (Felicia Nutter and Paula Castano)

3.00 PM- 4.00 PM: Biodiversity and Health (Michael Reed)

4.00 PM Buses depart to Prof. Saul Tzipori’s house

4.00 PM- 7.00 PM:  *Barbeque

7.00 PM Buses depart to hotel

Please note: LOCATION:

# Grafton: Bernice Barbour wildlife building, 50 Willard StreetNorth Grafton, MA 01536.

* Barbeque : 869, Mainstreet, Shrewsbury, MA 01545


5 Responses to Day 4

  1. Awash Hailu Degefu says:

    The presentation on relationship between biodiversity and health was the most impressing for me and the presentation on concept of the conservation medicine was one which I appreciate very much and fail to understand clearly.

  2. Gaspard Mahangaiko says:

    As we would like to start a new program in my school, the topic around building a program was very helpful to me. Now I know the different steps to follow.

  3. Xuan says:

    It was a great day that I learnt how to develop a conservation medicine curriculum program. We may need more time for application of VUE software for more clear understanding.
    It was really lovely to visit the house at the end and we had a good dinner together, sharing, chatting and even taking pictures. It will be impressive in my mind!

  4. Khairani Bejo says:

    Love to have a visit to Veterinary Faculty & the facilties is really huge. It’s green campus provided conducive place for teaching & learning process.
    One health curriculum development & asset mapping showed relationship between conservation medicine, public health & ecosystem health. It’s ideal if this one health approach can be implemented in veterinary course in Malaysia. Actually the concept is already implemented, however it is not documented clearly.
    Thank you for the homely dinner hosted by Prof Saul.

  5. John Ssempebwa says:

    Very good talks again. Building a One Health program was very enlightening especially for me who is in the process of formulating an MSc program curriculum in Environmental Health.
    The dinner was fantastic to crown off the day.

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