Dorchester Family School Initiative

Dorchester Family Schools Initiative, Dotwell

1452 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester

What it is: Three partner elementary schools in Dorchester are part of a 3-year-old program called Healthy Schools. The program goals are to remove barriers to learning and to improve children’s physical, social and emotional wellness. DFSI also seeks to connect students and families to their schools and community.

Volunteer work: Volunteers work in pairs at one school to develop and teach a short nutrition and wellness curriculum. Tufts students deliver 3-4 lessons (45min – 1hr each) addressing topics of childhood nutrition and wellness. Volunteers can use lessons already developed by Tufts students, or they can work with Dotwell nutritionists to develop their own lesson plans. Availability is for 3 student pairs each semester.

Population: Elementary students. Predominantly African American. Creole, Spanish and Vietnamese spoken.

When: Flexible days, afterschool program.

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