The Marienschrein, Workshop of the Aachen Master, 1239

Figure 1 The Marienschrein

Figure 2 Virgin and Child

Figure 3 Virgin and Child with two Apostles

Figure 4 The Marienkleid

Figure 5 Christ Pantocrater

Figure 6 Charlemagne

Figure 7 Pope Leo III

The Karlsschrein, Workshop of the Aachen Master, 1215

Figure 8 Length of the Karlsschrein

Figure 9 Charlemagne flanked by Pope Leo III and Bishop Turpin of Reims, with bust of Christ above

Figure 10 Frederick II

Figure 12 Pope Leo III

Figure 13 Model of Aachen Chapel in the hand of Charlemagne

Figure 14 Virgin and Child during Conservation

Figure 15 Virgin and Child flanked by Archangels

Figure 16 Roof Relief showing Charlemagne Donating the Chapel at Aachen to the Virgin

Charlemagne Window at Chartres Cathedral, c. 1225

Figure 17

Figure 18

Figure 19 Panel 3 Constantine’s Dream

Figure 20 Panel 4 Battle Against the Saracens in Jerusalem

Figure 21 Panel 6 Constantine Offering Gifts to Charlemagne

Figure 22 Panel 7 Charlemagne Donating Relics to Aachen

Figure 23 Donation Panel