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Liberal Values, Progressive Israel: A Conversation with Jonathan Miller

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Mr. Jonathan Miller is the former two-term elected Kentucky State Treasurer, Deputy Chief of Staff for the US Department of Energy, one of the co-founders of the organization No Labels, and an active contributor to the Huffington Post. Mr. Miller’s involvement with the Democratic Party includes serving as a Deputy Political Director for the Clinton/Gore 1992 presidential campaign and chairing the Kentucky Democratic Party in 2007. In his new book The Liberal Case for Israel, Mr. Millerexplores how 64-year-old Israel has become a beacon for liberal values and the progressive movement, touching on economic justice, civil liberty, children’s healthcare, and LGBT rights. Please join Friends of Israel (FOI) in our kickoff event on October 3rd at 12PM in Eaton 202 for what is sure to be an eye-opening lecture! Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Date: Wednesday October 3rd
Time: 12PM-1:30 PM
Location: Eaton 206

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If you are new to Tufts… WELCOME TO THE HILL!
If you are returning, then Welcome Back!

We are going to have our GIM on Thursday Sept 13 at 8PM in Eaton 206. SEE YOU THERE!

GET EXCITED! It is going to be an amazing and fun filled year

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Israel Peace Week Starts Wednesday!

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Over $1600 Raised for Save a Child’s Heart!!!

February 23, 2012 · No Comments

Congratulations Friends of Israel, Zeta Psi, and Leonard Carmichael Society, we raised over $1600 for children in desperate need of heart surgery. Click here for the front page Tufts Daily Article!.

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Spring Semester is in Full Fling!

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Hey Everyone,
Welcome back from your breaks! The spring semester of FOI is bigger and better than ever.
What do condom roses, pediatric cardiology, graffiti, and human rights have in common? Well obviously Israel but come see how!!
Email us at tuftsfoi@gmail.com for more info.
Look out for our events!!

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Taste of Israel was Great Success with 150 people!!

November 17, 2011 · No Comments

Over 150 people attended

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November Newsletter

November 7, 2011 · No Comments

Click the link for the November Newsletter!!!

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After 1,940 days in captivity, Staff Sergant Gilad Shalit has finally returned home to his family! Gilad was 19 years old when he was kidnapped and is now 25. While we rejoice in the safe return of Gilad, FOI hopes that the 6 other missing Israeli Soldiers will have the same positive news:
Zecharya Baumel, missing since 1982
Zvi Feldman, missing since 1982
Yehuda Katz, missing since 1982
Ron Arad, missing since 1986
Guy Hever, missing since 1997
Majdy Halabi, missing since 2005

click the link below for opinion articles, videos, pictures, and more

Gilad Shalit Newsletter

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Hot off the press! October Newsletter

October 6, 2011 · No Comments

October 2011 Newsletter

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Israel at the UN: A Nation that Dwells Alone?

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Tufts Friends of Israel invited Mr. Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, to address the Tufts Community

FOI with Mr. Hillel NEuer

On Thursday, September 15th, in preparation for the Palestinian Authority unilateral declaration of statehood at the United Nations, Tufts Friends of Israel invited Mr. Hillel Neuer to address the community on the topics of the U.N.’s differential treatment of Israel and whether the Palestinians would benefit from seeking recognition. The event was extremely successful with 80 people attending.

Neuer is the executive director of UN Watch, a human rights NGO in Geneva, Switzerland. He appears regularly before the UN Human Rights Council, intervening for the victimes of Darfurt, the rights of women, political prisoners in Cuba, Russia and Zimbabwe and the cause of Middle East peace.

This event was co-sponsered by the Political Science Department, the International Relations Department, and Tufts Hillel.

Click here for the full article!!

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