Over the past few months, thanks to Mae Humiston, my fabulous visit to the rolling green hills of Virginia, Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and the conclusion of two years of living off of TUDS industrial kitchens, I have developed a desire to get my own hands all soiled up. Literally.

Back home in the Bay Area, I searched out sustainable farming and gardening opportunities and stumbled across Full Circle Farms.¬†Upon a quick GoogleMap search, it turned out that this wonderful farm turned out to be right next to one of my favorite spots for nighttime strolls! I have walked by the 11-acre plot a half-dozen times over the past year and since it obviously isn’t lit at night (can’t mess up those short-day plants!), I had no idea of the treasures buried on the other side of the chain-link fence.

I went to their open farm volunteering day last Sunday, hoping to learn a bit more about, well, everything. Interest in agriculture does not equal aptitude- just ask my said little planters outside. I started out weeding the single row of corn (Pollan would be proud), and later moved on to helping plant zucchini. The unusual June rains had left the air heavy with humidity, but being outside in the warm weather, chatting with new people, and the dirt under my fingernails felt as right as anything possibly could.