This is the only picture I could find that had proof that it rained. See the puddle. And if you look closely, you can tell I'm soaked.

The title of this post pretty much sums it up. Every time we set out to work on the shed, the director of this sadistic movie orders the clear blue sky away and calls in the clouds with the giant raindrop machines embedded inside. But at least it’s not too hot!

Before Mariah went home and made that pizza (I’m drooling just thinking about it), she and Carolyn, Wesley, Rebecca, Lucy and I all started the foundation of the shed… with some difficulty. We met at 2:30pm on Saturday, had a quick meeting and divvied up tasks (Mariah, Rebecca and I to get cinder blocks from the Crafts House and Lucy, Carolyn and Wesley to start tearing up the grass where the shed will go).

Moving blocks around. All 23 of them.

Moments later at 2:40pm, it POURED. This was no normal rainstorm. This was plotted by someone very high up who saw that it was just too nice a day for us to start building a shed. Of course. But we worked anyways. Using Mariah’s groaning car, we moved about 20 cinder blocks from the Crafts House down to the road that runs by the garden. But we still had to move them one last stretch (FACT: carrying the first block is fine. The eighth one feels like you’re lugging thirty blocks.)

Carolyn rewarding Ameri-Corps workers with peas.

Then all of us (plus some Ameri-Corps peeps that Carolyn enlisted) moved all the blocks up to the garden area. The diggers did an excellent job of tearing up the grass where we’re laying our foundation! With a little final work cleaning up the edges and moving extra dirt around, we declared our work done. It’s so exciting to see us get another step closer to the shed existing!

Sharing recipes after finishing the day's work

We ended the day with a mutually inspiring discussion on recently-made recipes (SeeĀ Mariah’s post for the outcome of her inspiration!)I know I left the scene with many scratches and sore biceps and I am eternally grateful to everyone who helped out in the erratic weather. So much love to all of you.