Now why in the world is it taking this long? Because:

Mariana adding right angle pieces to the back wall, since we decided retro-actively that a post was probably a good idea to keep the wall from warping.

  • we’re not pros
  • Mariana was in Spain
  • we have to find miles of extension cords to power the drill with electricity from South (where there are a lot of Russians living at the moment)
  • things go wrong… all. the. time.
  • we forget bits… and improvise (see Figure 3. )
  • we only sometimes have a car
  • there is no such thing as a right angle
  • lunch breaks
  • Mariana and I are both pretty small.

BUT we’re getting it done. How?

  • we work long hours in rain and heat (all of today in 92 degrees, for example) (future potential employees read: dedicated)
  • lots of grunting
  • patience

    Figure 3. So I said we're good at improvising. This hand-held screw bit served us until lunch, when we got a legit bit. Someone might chide us for that, but it worked.

  • we’ve learned to “think critically and problem solve.” If we come away from our college years feeling as though we learned nothing, we are forgetting these most valuable skills… manifesting themselves in the most creative (and perhaps illegitimate) of ways (again, figure 3.)
  • burritos as fuel
  • nice neighbors and friends lending us things (thanks Simon and the Frisbee boys!)

We’re hoping to add the last wall and the roof Monday evening (we’d love some help!)

After that, all that’s left to do is re-align the door (things go wrong, ok?), nail some scraps in to keep things from warping and/or moving, throw on some gutters, add some shelves and hooks, put the tools in, and paint it beautifully! (“As long as it’s done tastefully.” -John Vik, facilities man.)

The shed! We left it with the final wall clamped on and the door more or less attached. We'll be adding the roof soon!

In other news…

The squash has taken over. I’ll devote a separate post to this. But here’s a picture:

Part of the garden, taken over by squash.

And the final news of the day:

Through the magic of Freecycle and Craigslist, I scored the garden 2 gardening books: The Edible Container Garden and A Gardener’s Guide to Cacti: Succulents and Foliage.

I also got a box of cream colored tile (that stuff is so incredibly heavy) that I’m hoping we can use as a walkway to the garden, or at least as a little bit of decoration. If you have an idea about what to do with it, email me: and we’ll see if it’s feasible!

And the actual final news of the day: there was a cute bug on the shed. Someone let me know if this thing has intentions to ruin the garden.